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Visit Taipei

Taipei, the capital city and arguably the busiest municipality of Taiwan, is situated at the northern tip of the island. It is a modern metropolis with world-class shopping, dozens of great museums, a wide variety of excellent restaurants, enchanting natural landscape and rich cultural offerings, all connected seamlessly by one of the best public transportation systems in the world. For further information, please click here.




Easy card(悠遊卡): Delegates are able to explore the city by using the transportations mentioned below and making transactions with an easy card. Easy card can be purchased at information centers at Taipei/Taoyuan/Kaohsiung Metro Station and also at the four major convenient stores in Taiwan (7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi-Life, & OK Mart). This will require a NTD100 deposit. Top up your preferred amount and you are ready to go! For more information, please find here.


MRT: The Mass Rapid Transit, commonly known as the MRT, provides travelers an easy means of transportation around Taipei. One way ticket price ranges from NTD20 to NTD65 while a NTD180 one day pass will allow passengers unlimited travel among all MRT lines throughout the day. More details about Taipei Metro travel passes can be found here. Smoking, drinking, eating and gum chewing are strictly prohibited, keeping the metro railway stations clean, comfortable and safe. Detailed MRT maps can be found here. Public announcements of stations on subways will be both in Chinese & English.


YouBike: YouBike is a Bike Sharing System largely available across Taipei City. The parking stations are located within walking distance of MRT stations and tourists destinations. These parking stations are accompanied with a self-help kiosk with a guide on the rental registration and usage. YouBike is an affordable and excellent way to get around the city, explore the sights and sound at your own pace, and immerse in the local culture. A more detailed guide can be found here.



Taipei Attractions

 Lungshan Temple

 Lungshan temple is the famous old temple in Taiwan. There are great decorative lamp fairs and temple activities on historical festivals. On each 1st and 15th day each month of lunar year, regular visitors will come to the temple for worship ceremony. Lungshan Temple is not only a temple, a sightseeing attraction, but also a second-degree historical site. There are traditional streets/shops, antique shops, Buddhists article shops, and Chinese medicine shops surrounding the temple. These places are great to visit due to their richness in folk art.


Xichang Street: Herb Lane

Herb Lane, as it is commonly known, greets visitors with an intoxicating blend of herbal fragrances from the shops. Over 10 herb stores are packed into Lane 224 selling just about anything herbal under the sun. As the story goes, disease was common to this area in early years, but the lack of Chinese medicine doctors forced the people instead to seek out herbal remedies, including soups with herbal infusions. Because of this, the area also was known then as `Salvation Street.`


Taipei 101

Located in the finest district Taipei has to offer, TAIPEI 101 is the largest engineering project ever in the history of the Taiwan construction business. The design transcends the uni-body concept and is based on the Chinese number 8, a numeral long considered lucky in Chinese culture. Eight-floor structural units are connected one by one on top of each other to form the whole. This kind of rhythmic aesthetic is new to skyscrapers.


Baoan Temple

The Baoan Temple in Dalongtong is a temple devoted to the worshipping of Baosheng Dadi "Great Emperor Protecting Life". Built by immigrants from Tongan, Fujian, the name "Baoan" also means "Blessed Tongan". After numerous renovations, the temple now has three wings and has been declared a Secondary National Heritage Site.


Dadaocheng - Dihua Street

Dihua Street Section 1 south of Taipei Bridge is the go-to place for all of your Lunar New Year shopping. This street is part of the historic Dadaocheng area, an early commercial and trading center of the city as far back as the late Qing period. In addition to New Year`s supplies, there are a number of stores here selling tea, Chinese medicinal herbs, and wholesale cloth. The street has also lovingly preserved its old world charms over the years.


Tamsui Old Street

Located along the riverfront in Tamsui, Tamsui Old Street is a boardwalk-like area full of shops, carnival games, restaurants, cafés, and xiaochi snacks. The waterfront area is a great place to watch the sunset over the Tamsui River. Vendors will generally start in the afternoon and stay open until the last MRT train at 12 midnight. Visitors who arrive early can first walk around the town area and visit other local attractions.