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About Taiwan
Taiwan is an island rich in natural and commercial tourism. You will embark on an adventure to discover the beauty of Taiwan, learn about the heritage, history and culture, and shop and eat to your heart’s content.

Mandarin is the official language in Taiwan, and English is practiced and spoken to some extent.

Taipei weather:
Average temperature in December is 20 degree Celsius (68 degree Fahrenheit). Taipei usually experiences small fluctuations in temperature between night and day in December.

Electric Supply:
The local power supply is AC 110 -120 Volts / 60 Hz with type A outlets, the same as the USA and Japan. The outlets accept a flat two-parallel pin plug. An adapter will be required if your plugs are shaped otherwise and run on a different current from the 110-120 volt outlets.


Exchange Rate & Currency:
The New Taiwan Dollar (TWD or NTD) is the currency used today in throughout Taipei City. NTD has five denominations in paper money and five in coins. Paper money comes in NT$2,000, NT$1,000, NT$500, NT$200, and NT$100 denominations. Coins come in NT$50, NT$20, NT$10, NT$5 and NT$1 denominations. It is convenient to have some NTD cash, for taxi and small transactions.

NT$ 2,000

NT$ 1,000

NT$ 500

NT$ 200

NT$ 100

You can get cash from ATMs, located around both sides of the arrival gates on arrival levels in terminal 1 & 2. Please see the following maps for further information.

The exchange rate is around US$1 to NT$30. Like most countries, they come in the forms of bills and coins. Foreign currency exchanges are easy to access. Exchange services are available at the airport, banks, hotels and large department stores.For up to date exchange rates, please visit the currency website here.
Foreign currencies can be exchanged at government-designated banks and hotels. Receipts are given when currency is exchanged, and must be presented in order to exchange unused NT dollars before departure.
Major credit cards such as American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Diners Club are accepted and traveler`s checks may be cashed at foreign-exchange banks, some tourist-oriented businesses, and (by room guests) most international tourist hotels.

Public Wi-Fi & Prepaid Card:
Free public Wi-Fi is available across Taipei both indoors and outdoors. It is also accessible in most convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and public areas. A full list of hotspot locations can be found here
For delegates intending to purchase a prepaid card with data usage or wifi rental services, services are provided by telecom outlets in the airport with varied costs and service hours.

Tax Refund:
Foreign travelers, with the entry document, who make purchases of at least NT$2,000 on the same day from the same designated stores with the "Taiwan Tax Refund"-label are eligible to request the "Application Form for VAT Refund." To claim the refund, they must apply at the port of their departure from the R.O.C. within 90 days following the date of purchase, and they must take the purchased goods out of the country with them.